Everyday is a chance to change your life

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receive nutrition and healthy advice by 24/7 coach, receive your healthy food at work, one desire - one clic - i lunch,

Your personal
life coach

The i-lunch key of life is an unique way of monitoring your health
scanning automatically your environment and your food

Your connected

Your food, your activity and your weight are centralized in i-lunch

the good advice
when you need it

Whatever your activities, we have worked with practitioners, nutritionists
to give you a useful advice when you need it


We do not just cook, we do not just deliver.
We are offering freedom. The freedom to live your life to the full.

Food delivery

Have an entire meal with the ideal nutritional intakes you need according to your lifestyle

Nutrition profile

Check your health in real time and get your nutrition status with your food intakes and your connected objects

Life coach

Enjoy personalized advice and contact a professional once you have a question about your health and your food

Family monitoring

Monitor your family dependencies (children, parents etc.) and check your loved are healthy and well fed

protect yourself, it's so simple

Why i-lunch

"Everytime you eat or drink, you are ever feeding desease or fighting it"

In the USA, 63% of adults are overweight or obese

It leads to: hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases leading from health complication to death.

30% of cancer are due to bad eating habits

Every year, 15 million of the world‘s population is dying from cancer
Every year, 5M of people are dying from diabetes when 1.5M are dying of HIV

Bad eating habits are responsible for 91% cases of diabetes.
In the next 20 years, people suffering from diabetes will increase of 55%.

What are you waiting for? Live long and healthy